How To Find Your Dream Job

The only Interview Coaching in India with the exact word-for-word scripts, tactics, and psychological strategies to crack the code of finding your Dream Job

No matter which college you went to.

Even if you have limited experience.

Even if you don't know what your Dream Job is... yet.

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"Find Your Dream Job" is the tested, step-by-step, 8-Session to seize control and rapidly identify your passion, tap your natural network, find your Dream Job, and interview and negotiate so you're paid what you're worth.

Our REAL career questions include things like…

There's an answer for each of these questions. But try Googling "career advice" and see if you can find it.

But you won't find a mention of the single-most important factor that separates average performers from top performers: the psychology behind finding a Dream Job.

These psychological "triggers" separate the winners from the losers, allowing the winners to take all — locking down dream jobs before they're ever announced publicly, negotiating massive raises, and even writing their own job description — while others fight over the scraps.

Why don't so-called experts write about the psychology of finding a Dream Job? It's simple. They don't know how.

In the next 5 minutes, you'll see you how I combined my 15 years of experience to build a system to help you crack the code of finding your Dream Job.

A system that — for the first time — is available beyond a small group of friends and elite students.

Our 7 Invisible scripts for Finding a Dream Job

I discovered 7 Invisible scripts to finding a Dream Job — beliefs so deep, they're often invisible to us. How many of these scripts apply to you?

(Most of us hold at least 3 of these scripts…but some have all 7.)

You make list after list of all the things you're interested in and you could potentially do.

Now you have a lists of things you're kinda interested in, and a hodgepodge of random "tips" that you aren't sure how to use, You get on Twitter…now what? You update your resume…now what? How does attending a networking conference turn into a Dream Job? It's like there's a game being played around you — and you just can't quite figure out the rules.

Introducing The Dream Job System

"Find Your Dream Job" is an two day course that covers the ENTIRE process of your Dream Job search.

From figuring out what your Dream Job is to negotiating a signing bonus when you land it — and all the key steps in between — this course include everything you need to know.

Your Dream Job course includes:

Session 1: The Uncommon Roadmap to Finding Your Dream Job

Session 2: Discover Your Dream Job

Session 3: Discover your Dream Company

Session 4: Natural Networking

Session 5: The Perfect Marketing Materials

Session 6: The VIP Application

Session 7: World-Class Interviewing

Session 8: The Psychology of Negotiation

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