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Course contents

This is an intensive training in which you will learn the most advanced and most efficient methods of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Based on the methods of Dave Elman, with further additions and refinements by Ramachandra Bandekar, you will come away with the ability to safely bring your clients into and out of a deep state of somnambulism. By eliminating the guesswork and not wasting time on non-essentials, you will achieve convincing results with your clients in the shortest possible time. Goal and result oriented hypnotherapy – uncovering and immediate. We place the utmost importance on practical training, both during the course and throughout your future association with SuccessPoint.

At SucessPoint you will benefit from Ramachandra Bandekar's vast experience and practical experience. In addition to Dave Elman’s standard induction, you will learn other techniques, including silent, rapid, and immediate inductions, regression techniques, how to handle abreactions, the importance of the pre-talk, the role of the critical factor and how to get around it, the explanation of the mind model, Universal therapy, Gestalt therapy, Ultra-height and much, much more.

What can I do after the training?

Upon completion of the training you will have all the necessary skills to successfully hypnotize and, should you wish, start your own hypnosis office. If you are already practicing hypnosis you will be able to more effectively apply your existing knowledge. The areas of application are vast, even if you do not want to get into clinical/medical hypnotherapy (e.g. depression, phobias, pain, cancer), but would like to focus on smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management, sports, school, motivation, self-confidence, birth preparation, PLR(past life regression), or any other daily challenge people may have.


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